I have a tons of recipe for food and drink. Someday,I love to bake this lovely recipe.This is Strawberry Cheesecake with new york style cheesecake application. I started to open recipe books to find the best recipe for this delicious cake.Because of I have to many of it so I got confused (and continued until now).
I have several recipe with whipping cream added and sour cream to go with cream cheese. So,I started to try with sour cream to add in the mixture. The taste is so delicious,Oh god…But I’m still curious,if I can do better and cheap (maybe) with whipping cream mixture..
Until now,I didn’t bake cheesecake with whipping cream mixture,I’m curious but want to hear from senior baker who already try to use whip.
But,here this are the recipe that I made with sour cream mixture..

A’s :
250 gr milk biscuit
100 gr butter
1/2 tspn of vanilla
B’s :
140 gr Sugar ( make it refined)
5 eggs ( 5 whites and 4 yolks,separated)
250 gr cream cheese
50 gr cornstarch
1 lemon
C’s :
whipping cream
2 kiwis

How to make :
1.Prepare springform tin (you can remove cover from the round side) with 20 cm (diameter).Spread it with a little bit butter.
2.Crash the biscuit until looks like sand,put it in the tin.
3.Whisk cream cheese and 1/4 sugar for about 3 minutes with median speed until mix. Then,pour yolks,one by one with low speed. Then,add cornstarch a little bit and a little bit,the whisk smoothly,add lemon zest and little bit lemon water ,just whisking it. Whisk until smooth but don’t too over whisking, just 2 minutes.
4.Whisk white eggs.Whisk with Until soft peak.

5.Pour the mixture to the springform,then bake . after 75 minutes,Try to check it with little stab to the cake. If, no cheesecake mixture to the needle so your cheesecake is done.If there is the rest of the mixture just pull it with more minutes.After its done,off the oven and left the cake on the oven until room temperature.
7.Take the cake into the freezer and after 6 hours you can take it from freezer.
8.Then,you can decorate it with strawberry jam that cook with water first. If its warm we can pour it on the top of the cheesecake.Make shell made from whipping cream on the side of the cake and add kiwi on the top of it.
9.Done and ready to serve.

Prep : 2 hours,mix : 1 hour, bake : 75 minutes, freeze : 6 hours or more, decor : 2 hours..

Note : Don’t stop to practice, because practice makes perfect..
I did it with sour cream,how about whipping cream ? hmm..any clue ?
Really need your comment guys for the perfection..thanks..

fresh and yummy

Love sweet life..