I have a tons of recipe for food and drink. Someday,I love to bake this lovely recipe.This is Strawberry Cheesecake with new york style cheesecake application. I started to open recipe books to find the best recipe for this delicious cake.Because of I have to many of it so I got confused (and continued until now).
I have several recipe with whipping cream added and sour cream to go with cream cheese. So,I started to try with sour cream to add in the mixture. The taste is so delicious,Oh god…But I’m still curious,if I can do better and cheap (maybe) with whipping cream mixture..
Until now,I didn’t bake cheesecake with whipping cream mixture,I’m curious but want to hear from senior baker who already try to use whip.
But,here this are the recipe that I made with sour cream mixture..

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strawberry cheesecake

sweet and smooth sensation

Thai Iced Tea

Thai Tea

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